What we do


As Structural and Civil Engineers we are aware of the contribution we can make to the Project Team in order to ensure a suitable solution to today’s complex projects. We are pro-active in our approach and aim to be a key member of the Client’s professional team with particular emphasis placed on the use of the latest software to expedite multi-disciplinary projects.

MMP Design provides engineering design and project services in the following key engineering disciplines:-

Roads and Drainage


The Company employs engineers, technicians and draughtsmen in the Structural and Civil Engineering Division. They are highly motivated and maintain the highest professional standards. Training and the attainment of further qualifications are encouraged at all levels.

Emphasis is placed on finding the right solution for each individual project and no one building system is preferred over another. Great stress is placed on the search for creative solutions which will achieve benefits for the Client in cost, quality, buildability and end user desirability.


The Division, though smaller than that of Structural and Civil Engineering, has a strong team and is also highly motivated. The familiarisation with new systems and the attainment of further qualifications is encouraged at all levels in this field of engineering.

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